Children's Program - Grades 1-5

To help during our Covid-19 challenge, Weekly Children's Activities can be found in Media

What are our CORE VALUES?

Sharing the STORY of Jesus: We teach the Bible as one redemptive story of Jesus, from Genesis to Revelation
Participating in the MISSION of Jesus: As our children understand and experience the gospel in their own hearts, we want them to learn how they themselves can participate in God’s redemption of His people

What are the age restrictions for Sanctuary Kids?

We welcome children in Grades 1-5.

What curriculum are we using, and why?

We are using The Gospel Project curriculum. It is a weekly Bible study resource that helps kids “understand how the Bible is one big story of God’s plan to rescue people from sin through Jesus”. The goal of this curriculum is to cycle through the entire Bible every 3 years, hoping that children will go through the story of Scripture multiple times before they leave children’s ministry. Each cycle, we hope that children will see the beauty of the gospel in new and deeper ways. For more information, refer to this website:

What time does class begin?

Students will initially stay with their parents to begin Sunday worship by participating in the praise portion of our Sunday service. An announcement will be made for children to be dismissed for Sanctuary Kids, at which point a teacher will greet students and lead them to their classroom. Following Sunday service, parents may pick up their child in front of the Sanctuary Kids room on the second floor.

How do we keep track of attendance and allergies?

When you first walk into the building doors, you will see a welcome table where you can "check in" your children using a software program called KIDCHECK. Each child will wear a printed name/allergy tag with a code, which matches the code on his/her guardian's printed name tag. Children are only to be released to guardians with the matching code after class. For more information, please refer to this website:

Children's Program Leader - Justine Ohh